In order to select the right gas spring for your application, a small calculation needs to be done.

The basis for all gas spring calculations is in the principal of moments (Fg x Sg = Fk x Sk). This is a relatively simple calculation, but the application has a continuously changing centre of gravity because of the angular rotation, and next to that the gas spring makes a certain stroke so a certain progressivity will occur. All this makes the calculation of gas springs a serious job.

In order to simplify the calculation, we have developed special software in which the calculation of gas springs is relatively simple and in which an installation diagram can be generated immediately.

Below you can find the basis to make your first simple calculation yourself:

F1 = {[(M x D) : L] : n } + (10% ~ 15%)

M= Weight of the Lid in [N]

B= Centre of gravity of the lid

C= Mounting point on the lid

S= mounting point to the frame

D= Horizontal distance from centre of gravity to pivot point

L= Distance from gas spring vector to pivot point

n= Number of gas springs

1kg = 9.81N

We are happy to make the calculation for you. For more information or to supply the necessary information, please contact us. You can also fill in this form and send it to us, we will send you the best possible installation proposal.

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