Gas spring specials & options

Since our production consists largely of developing and producing specials, there are many possibilities to produce the gas springs entirely to the desired specification or to add various possibilities as an option.

VB Lock

This locking system has been developed to mechanically lock the gas spring in the fully extended position. Available in steel as well as stainless steel 316 for the diameters Ø19/08 and Ø22/10 and applicable to almost all (standard) gas springs

FDA oil

For the food processing industry we can supply the (Stainless 316) gas springs with FDA approved oil.

Viton seals

If the gas spring is exposed to e.g. cleaning liquids or higher temperatures, we can provide the gas spring with Viton seals. This is standard with our stainless steel 316 gas springs.


Especially for prototypes, a valve is very useful. We can adjust the force for you in Lelystad on our own developed digital machines. We can supply both our steel and stainless steel 316 gas springs with this valve.


Protects the piston rod from external physical damage.

(Dust) cap

Protects the guide/seal from dust and dirt.

Dynamic damping

All our gas springs can be produced in a so called dynamic damping version. With this technique, the gas spring always has a damping regardless of the installation position. Even for horizontal applications such as doors, we can achieve the right type of dynamic damping.

Lock-in / Lock-out.

By means of a locking system that is completely concealed in the cylinder, the gas spring / damper can lock automatically in the fully extended or fully compressed position. With a simple push on the gas spring it will unlock immediately.

Rod Lock

This lock is designed to lock the gas spring in any position and can only be supplied in stainless steel 316.


Our standard colors are RAL9005 and RAL9006 (Black and ALU/white). Various other colors are available on request.


Normally a gas spring with as little friction as possible is wanted, but for certain applications a certain high internal friction is desirable.


We have the possibility to produce hybrid gas springs. This means a steel cylinder and a stainless steel 316 piston rod. The right combination of materials depends on the final function of this gas spring.


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