Balljoints as complete set or seperate parts. Steel, plastic and Stainless steel.

Standard balljoints complete Steel (more on request)


Brimotech Part Number M1 M2 L1 L2 PDF
EF00178 M4 M4 22 10 EF00178
EF00116 M5 M5 22 10 EF00116
EF00060 M6 M8 21 13 EF00060
EF00061 M6 M6 21 13 EF00061
EF00063 M6 M6 26 13 EF00063
EF00064 M8 M8 30 15 EF00064
EF00066 M10 M10 35 20 EF00066

Standard balljoints complete Stainless steel 316 (more on request)


Brimotech Part Number M1 M2 L1 L2 PDF
EF00546 M4 M4 22 10 EF00546
EF00526 M5 M5 22 10 EF00526
EF00504 M6 M8 21 15 EF00504
EF00558 M6 M8 30 15 EF00558
EF00543 M8 M8 25 15 EF00543
EF00505 M8 M8 30 15 EF00505
EF00513 M10 M10 35 20 EF00513
EF00552 M14 M14 45 28 EF00552

Standard ballcups (more on request)

Brimotech Part Number M1 For ball Ø Material PDF
EF00037 M6 10mm PA black EF00037
EF00036 M6 10mm Steel black EF00036
EF00038 M8 10mm Steel black EF00038

Standard ballstuds (more on request)

Brimotech Part Number M1 Ø ball L1 SW Material PDF
EF00067 M5 8mm 10 7 Steel EF00067
EF00047 M6 8mm 12 10 Steel EF00047
EF00051 M6 10mm 13 8 Steel EF00051
EF00052 M6 10mm 13 10 Steel EF00052
EF00050 M8 10mm 13 13 Steel EF00050
EF00055 M8 13mm 15 10 Steel EF00055
EF00118 M8 13mm 30 13 Steel EF00118
EF00059 M10 16mm 20 13 Steel EF00059

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