Gas traction springs

Gas traction springs can be found in bicycle sheds, cupboards, ramps, folding desks, yacht building and industrial machines. Because we think it is important that our customers use the best quality gas traction springs, we continue to develop our products every day. Recently, in collaboration with Vapsint s.r.l. developed new gas traction springs. We develop this new type of gas spring with the “existing” techniques and we produce it with the current machinery. As a result, the cost price is relatively low compared to other gas straction springs. Buy gas traction springs at Brimotech, because:

  • Steel gas springs for every application
  • More than 20 years specialist in gas springs
  • Calculations for customized gas springs
  • Possibility of 3D drawings
  • Delivery within 24 hours possible

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Custom gas traction springs

At Brimotech, we fully customize gas traction springs for any application. In doing so, you have the opportunity to add various options to the gas springs.

Gas traction spring calculation

Not every gas spring is suitable for every application. Therefore, you should make a calculation before purchasing gas traction springs. The calculation an sich seems quite simple, but the center of gravity of each system changes with the angular rotation. This still makes the calculation a lot more complicated. View more information and an explanation of the gas spring calculation. Rather have us do the calculation for you? This can be done free of charge if you purchase the gas traction springs from us. Please contact us for more information about the calculation.

Do you have the application available as a 3D file? Then you can mail it to us. Do not forget to add your wishes and requirements. It is also important to provide the center of gravity and weight in relation to the hinge point in a closed situation as an attachment.

Wondering which product you can use best in your application? Let us know your wishes and we will make a tailor-made calculation for you. Fill in the contact form below or contact us on +31 0320 769 103.

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