Stainless steel 316 gas springs

At Brimotech you will find the highest quality stainless steel 316 gas springs for every application. Usually you will find our gas springs in the food processing industry and marine sector. Also dampers, double stroke and lockable gas springs are possible in stainless steel 316. All this up to forces of 5200N.
At Brimotech, we are involved in the development and production of gas springs on a daily basis. Based on your wishes, we are happy to make a customized calculation. Contact us and benefit from our advantages:

  • Highest quality polished stainless steel316.
  • Viton seals.
  • Laserprint coding instead of labels.
  • Valve version possible.
  • Full 3D support possible.

For more information about our stainless steel 316 gas springs, or for a free quote, please contact us. We are happy to help you.

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Infinite possibilities in stainless steel 316 gas springs

Our stainless steel gas springs are available from 20N to 5200N and a stroke of 20mm to approx. 800mm. Since the stainless steel 316 gas springs are often produced completely customized, all specifications are possible within the above mentioned range. We can also produce dampers and lockable gas springs entirely from stainless steel 316. For small quantities, prototypes and fast delivery we have a range of stainless steel 316 (QuickShip) gas springs with valve of which we keep a number of sizes in stock and are filled according to the desired force.

QuickShip program RVS316 gas springs

Type standard gas spring Force (N)
RVS 316 Standard Ø15 maximaal 400N
RVS 316 Standard Ø19 maximaal 750N
RVS 316 Standard Ø22 maximaal 1250N
RVS 316 Standard Ø28 maximaal 2500N

For the best lifespan and proper assembly of gas springs, it is important to go for the right end fittings. Our stainless steel end fittings are also exclusively made of stainless steel 316.

Our end fittings

Stainless steel 316 Custom made gas springs

In addition to our standard gas springs, we also produce every gas spring custom made for you. We do this within the limits of diameter Ø12 to Ø40 for both steel and stainless steel 316. These limits are shown in the table below.


Type Ø Cil Ø Rod Stroke [mm] Force [N] Min L [mm]
124 12 mm 4 mm min 20 | max 120 min 20 | max 150 2x stroke + 30
156 15 mm 6 mm min 20 | max 250 min 20 | max 400 2x stroke + 30
198 18,5 mm 8 mm min 20 | max 350 min 50 | max 700 2x stroke + 41
2208 22 mm 8 mm min 20 | max 350 min 50 | max 700 2x stroke + 41
2210 22 mm 10 mm min 50 | max 500 min 100 | max 1300 2x stroke + 41
2810 28 mm 10 mm min 50 | max 550 min 100 | max 1300 2x stroke + 50
2814 28 mm 14 mm min 50 | max 650 min 100 | max 2500 2x stroke + 50
4020 40 mm 20 mm min 100 | max 800 min 100 | max 5200 2x stroke + 90

Specials & options

Specials & options

At Brimotech we see it as a challenge to supply fully customized gas springs. We can therefore provide almost all of our gas springs with various options:

  • Dynamic damping: a specially shaped groove in the cylinder ensures smooth damping. In this way, we can install the gas spring in any desired position while remaining the damping. They can also be used for horizontal applications such as doors.
  • FDA approved oil: it is possible to supply your gas springs with FDA approved oil. This is particularly interesting for the food processing industry.
  • Specific damping(s): based on your wishes we develop the desired speed and damping, both at the compressing and extending stroke.
  • Friction: adjust the internal friction to fully adapt the gas spring to your application.
  • Lock in | Lock out: an internal mechanism that locks the gas spring when it is fully extended or compressed.
  • Rod Lock: Mechanical locking of the gas spring in any position.
  • Viton seals: ideal for extremely high temperatures or aggressive environments.
  • Anti-tear: simple protection against pulling forces.
  • VB Lock: mechanical locking in fully extended position.
  • Protection tube: additional protection of the piston rod against mechanical damage.
  • Dust cap: additional protective cap for the guide and seal. Can also be used as a scraper.
  • Colors: if required, we can supply our gas springs in different colors.
  • Etc.

Wondering which combinations are most suitable for your application? Feel free to contact us. We like to think along with you.

Contact Brimotech for tailored advice.

Curious about the possibilities of our stainless steel316 gas springs or do you have a question about our working method? Feel free to contact us. We will gladly advise you.

Wondering which product you can use best in your application? Let us know your wishes and we will make a tailor-made calculation for you. Fill in the contact form below or contact us on +31 0320 769 103.

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