FDA Approved quality

1 October, 2018

Published by Brimotech

Since the end of 2014 we already have the FDA gas spring in our delivery program. Especially for the food processing industry this is an important item From the beginning of 2015 we noticed a sharp increase in the demand for this type of gas spring and we have already increased our production.

At this moment we can produce each gas spring and /or damper with FDA approved oil. In many cases, this FDA possibility is combined with a 316 stainless steel electrolytic polished gas spring, equiped with Viton seals and a laser print coding. Electrolytic polishing is not because it‘s aesthetically more beautiful, but it’s done because of the cleaning of the surface.The material becomes ennobled of which the result is a better corrosion resistance further on it’s bringing down the risk of bacterial growth to a minimum.