Generally the door is a 2nd degree lever fixed to a fulcrum (O), which is the hinge. The weight (M) in Nof the door generates the resistance force against the opening; this force is concentrated in the barycentre (B). The force of a gas spring that is applied to lift the door is given by the Force (F1), distance (D) between the door barycentre and the fulcrum (O) and is called the “Resistance arm”, while the distance (L) between the Force (F1) and the Fulcrum (O) is called the “Force arm”.

NB: In the various applications, distance (L) is identified as perpendicular between the axis of the gas spring and the parallel, with respect to the spring, that passes through the Fulcrum (O).


On the right the relative simple situation and calculation:

F1 = {[(M x D) : L] : n } + (10% ~ 15%)

M= Weight in N of the item to lift, designed as the vector

B = Application point of the Weight of the item being lifted and which corresponds to the Barycentre

C= Attachment point of the gas spring to the mobile part;

S = Attachment point of the gas spring to the fixed part O = Fulcrum and rotation point for the mobile item;

D = Distance in mm measured horizontally between the barycentre B and the rotation point O;

L = Length in mm of the working arm of the gas spring, corresponds to the shortest distance between attachment S or C and the rotation centre O, it is normally the same as the stroke of the gas spring, but in no case must it be greater;

n= Quantity of gas springs

1kg = 9,81N

calcolo schemini
The increase of 10~15% of this calculated force is due to the fact that the direction of the spring thrust is not parallel to the direction of the weight vector in the item being lifted, it also compensates any friction in the system, that would make the spring thrust less effective. F1 = Spring thrust force that opposes the weight of the item being moved, designed as the vector;

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