About Brimotech

Gas springs and dampers since 1968

Brimotech Solutions was established January 1st 2011 as mechanical engineering company.
“Everything what can or should be moved/adjust” is our expertise.
From this mechanical expertise is the contact with Vapsint established. Vapsint is one of Europe largest producers of gas springs and dampers in steel and stainless steel 316L. More and more often both companies relied on each other’s expertise’s which finally resulted in the current cooperation.

Mid 2012 both companies decided to intensify this cooperation, and established a partnership between Vapsint s.r.l. from (North) Italy and Brimotech Netherlands. The goal with this partnership was to serve the North European market better in sales and support. Meanwhile Brimotech and Vapsint develop all stages of the gas springs, dampers and related products together. Next to the warehouse in Italy we have also setup a warehouse in The Netherlands to serve our clients even faster and better. From our Dutch location we have also the possibility to produce several configurations to be more and more flexible for our clients.

This established partnership is now our biggest advantage and strength. We are no longer an distributor, but a well-known company which develops the best solution for the application together with our client and our production facility. Because of this we are real flexible and move fast.
Our clients can approach us with just a simple sketch or fully designed 3D assembly. Both we will convert into the best solution within small amount of time.

When needed we can send you your complete assembly in STEP, IGES or SLDASM file, provided with all needed details, specifications and part numbers. Our engineering department is always in contact with the design- and production engineers in Italy with several CAD systems like SolidWorks.

Next to the development and supplying of the gas springs and dampers, you are more than welcome for other services within the field of engineering.