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Brimotech, not too big for small clients and not too small for large clients !

As the specialist in the field of gas springs and dampers, we like to challenge you; “Only the best and highest quality is sufficient for our customers.”

Develop and produce gas springs, dampers and related components is our daily business. From our offices in Lelystad (The Netherlands) and Cordignano (Italy) we work every day at the best products, and
even more important, we develop and improve our products on a daily base for several markets.
We invest all time and effort with only one goal: Together with our customers we want to produce a better product than our competitors every day.

Our gas springs and dampers are produced according ISO9001 exclusively in Western Europe. Quality before quantity. For example, our stainless steel gas springs are produced only out of 316L quality.
Savings on material choice…. Impossible when you want to be the best!

Next to the gas springs and dampers we offer our customers engineering and support for non gas spring related product, since the start of Brimotech. Everything what can be related to mechanical engineering is our passion.

What we do:


Lift black
Engineering Gas springs and dampers


Download our general terms and conditions here.